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Case Studies in Management and Business (Volume 2)
RM27.90 RM31.00
Case Studies in Management and Business (Volume 2)
Price RM27.90 RM31.00
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Case Studies in Management and Business (Volume 2)

Editor: Rosliza Mat Zin, 2015

ISBN 978-967-0876-29-0, 112 pages, RM 31.00


Institute for Business and Management Research (IMBRe), Universiti Utara Malaysia, is pleased to extend this book which features a compilation of business management case studies. The aims of this second volume of Case Studies in Management and Business remain unchanged from the first volume. Realizing the importance of using case study as one of the student-centered learning approach, this book is designed to enhance learning and teaching activities by providing a collection of teaching cases which could be used both for the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.


This book includes relatively wide scope of work includes marketing, business policy, IT and Islamic finance. However the field is still in the field of management in general. The target audience is an academician and management students. In general, this book meets the scope of management. It is also suitable for an academician and students, but may not be appropriate in using for certain course, because of its scope is geared to specific disciplines.


This book has the potential, especially if the university lecturers took it to be discussed in their classes. There is least amount of case use Malaysia environment in the market. The cases highlighted also are unique and not similar to the other cases. Furthermore, this book is using a real case in the beginning, especially in our country. In addition, this book is accompanied by teaching notes for each case. These teaching notes are available to instructors only. First to fifth case is ongoing for all cases involving the issue of whether the marketing or the service industry. The second and third cases involving issues on marketing in the nutritional industry. Consequently the third to fifth case involves a service industry that highlight on a unique issues within the companies concerned.


The sixth case issues on “muamalat” are not so related to other cases. Since each case is developed by different authors, writing style and technique seem different and may disturb the concentration of the readers. The needs for local and contextual business case studies motivate most of the local case writers to write and compile teaching cases that are interesting and relevant to contemporary business situations and decisions, particularly in Malaysia.

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