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Conquering Mount Kinabalu
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Conquering Mount Kinabalu

Norzaliza Haji Gazali, Mohd Raime Ramlan, Md Hairi Md Hussain, Mohd Fauzwadi Mat Ali, Rabi’ah Abdul Ghani, Ishak Hassan, Hadibah Zakaria, 2023

ISBN 978-967-0031-47-7, 68 pages, RM30.00


Mountain climbing is one of the activities for us to enjoy the beauty of nature as well as to express admiration towards the greatness of Allah SWT Mountain climbing is quite beneficial and has become one of the types of recreation that is increasingly popular among youths. This book relates the various different experiences of the climbers. In addition, it also outlines a thousand and one challenges and their sacrifices in conquering the summit of Kinabalu. Naturally, this book is very useful and a must have for everyone especially mountain climbing enthusiasts.


It is hoped that this book can also appeal to and motivate the younger generation to participate in mountain climbing activities. Undeniably, the activity is full of challenges and fun. In addition, it is hoped that this book can further arouse the efforts to compile various personal experiences of other academicians. In fact, the community is also expected to benefit fully from the publication of this book.

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