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Malaysian Corporate Taxation (Incorporating updates in Budget 2022)
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Malaysian Corporate Taxation (Incorporating updates in Budget 2022)

Noraza Mat Udin, Aryati Juliana Sulaiman, Idawati Ibrahim, Saliza Abdul Aziz, Chek Derashid, Muzainah Mansor, 2022

ISBN 978-967-0031-63-7, 284 pages, RM55.00


The contents include updates and announcements made in Malaysia’s 2022 Budget on tax matters related to companies. Apart from Income Tax Act 1967, it also incorporates Service Tax (Amendment) Act 2020, Sales Tax (Amendment) Act 2020, Real Property Gain Tax Act 1976, Promotion of Investment Act 1986 as well as the most recent Public Rulings, guidelines and other relevant materials published by Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia. Hence, it will benefit not only students but also those with an interest in Malaysian corporate taxation.


This book consists of 11 chapters which covers indirect taxes, double taxation relief, withholding tax, basis period, company taxation, investment incentives, specialised industries, estate under administration, settlement and trust body, cooperatives societies, trade associations and clubs, real property gain tax and taxation on Islamic based transactions. The simple explanations with illustrations and comprehensive examples with suggested solutions are provided at the end of each topic to help students comprehend the materials better. There are also questions for tutorial discussion to allow students to apply their knowledge and solve the calculations.

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