Strategy Execution for Performance Execellence
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Strategy Execution for Performance Execellence
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Strategy Execution for Performance Execellence

Haim Hilman Abdullah & Narentheren Kaliappen, 2017

ISBN 978-967-0876-99-3, 193 pages, RM 32.00


Strategy Execution for Performance Excellence is a strategic book that is meant for two target groups. The first is for students studying management and business administration; both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, where it is meant to be used as a capstone course after the students have been exposed to the various functioning areas of management. The second is for readers and practitioners who seek essential knowledge on strategic management. The book can help to understand the right strategy execution and confront the indeed main challenges you face in implementing strategies.

This book focuses on execution – the business and functional level strategies needed to make strategy work and achieve performance excellence. If you are striving you can use the great strategic message in this book to achieve excellent performance and shape your organization’s future. Covering eight chapters, the book covers topic such as an introduction to strategy execution, theory based understanding, performance excellence, competitive strategy, strategic flexibility, sourcing strategy, effective strategy execution model and winning business success formula.


We are explaining winning business success formula for the managers that we believe they can apply in their companies that aims to achieve performance excellence and competitive advantage in the current hyper-competitive business environment.


The book presents contents in an accessible style, accompanied by local and global examples and situations. Each chapter starts and ends with knowledge objective, strategic quotes, summary and some review questions.

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