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Women in 4IR: Gender Inclusivity in Malaysia
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Women in 4IR: Gender Inclusivity in Malaysia

Editors: Norizan Abdul Razak & Helen Tan Sui Hong, 2023

ISBN 978-629-7582-55-9, 163 pages, RM35.00


Women in 4IR Gender Inclusivity in Malaysia delves into three key themes revolving around the role of women in the context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). Firstly, it explores the multifaceted dimensions of women’s leadership, offering a holistic perspective. Secondly, it explores the realms of gender equality and equity within decision-making and national policy making processes. Thirdly, it examines women’s health and their involvement in the world of business and the economy. In many ways, the 4IR and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) exert a profound influence on the lives of women and girls.


The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated inclusivity through the utilization of technology. However, the unprecedented digital transformation also introduces new challenges for women and girls, who encounter a diverse array of difficulties in engaging with the digital economy across different geographical contexts. Thus, their active participation in the economy and leadership roles, along with their health and well-being warrant comprehensive attention. Empowering them is imperative in strengthening the ecosystem and dismantling gender barriers to accelerate the their progress in shaping the futures. As the country rides the waves of 4IR, it is incumbent upon the nation to seize the opportunity to foster greater workplace diversity and nurture a profoundly inclusive digital society.


The book is research-oriented and highlights a wide spectrum of issues related to women in general. It aims to ignite dialogue on achieving equality in opportunity regardless of gender, recognizing technology as the medium that can bridge economic disparities and digital divide, which are the imperatives of gender inclusivity.

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